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Doug English has been using turmeric for several years to help treat his animal patients and has seen many successes with turmeric for horses.

Turmeric has had positive results for:

  • allergic dermatitis
  • atopy
  • Queensland Itch in horses
  • arthritis
  • irritant bowel disease
  • increased athletic ability racehorses (turmeric is classified as a food and does not swab)
  • general health overall. 

Horses accept turmeric very well. To greatly increase the metabolic effect (the absorption of turmeric into your body) add a dash of cracked pepper and some oil like olive, coconut, or linseed (these are the best oils because they are higher in omega 3 oils and have less omega 6 components which tend to increase inflammation). For more info click HERE to find out about the 3 basic ingredients.

Anyone sceptical that their horse would consume a curry-flavoured feed can take comfort from a study which investigated flavour preferences in horses.  Turmeric was accepted by all horses in the study (although fenugreek won out as the favourite flavour).