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About Us

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About Turmeric Life

AFounded by Dr Doug English, an Australian veterinarian and turmeric researcher, Turmeric Life is your gateway to understanding the health and wellness benefits of turmeric.

A Practical Approach

Dr Doug English developed the famous Golden Paste recipe by blending traditional wisdom with modern cooking techniques and ingredients. He shared his discoveries through the Original Turmeric User Group on Facebook, where users share their real-life experiences with turmeric.

After more than a decade of recommending Golden Paste to clients, Dr Doug witnessed its positive impact on various chronic inflammatory conditions, including arthritis. The collective testimonials of our community members further validated these benefits.

A Growing Community

Our TUG community has grown from a small group to over 288,000 dedicated followers. To accommodate the growing demand for information, we launched the "Turmeric Life" website, offering a centralised platform for people in search of information and more regarding the golden spice.

Your Turmeric Resource

Our website is a reliable source for all things turmeric. Dr Doug, the Turmeric Life team and the TUG admin team curate a collection of articles and insights based on the experiences of thousands of individuals who have incorporated turmeric into their lives.

Turmeric Life continues to provide fresh content, real stories, and the latest research findings. If you have questions about turmeric, our team is here to assist. Use the chat feature on our website to get in touch.

Incorporating Turmeric Into Your Diet

In most cases, we advise against the use of turmeric and/or curcumin capsules, pills, supplements, tonics, and drinks. There is a valid place for curcumin supplements in very few, limited situations. Turmeric capsules may be a source of turmeric when the more effective Golden Paste isn't feasible. However, many of these products are expensive, with disputable claims and little to no scientific justification. Many of these products are poorly absorbed, and some contain honey or other sweeteners that add no benefit and may provoke inflammation, illness and pain, as opposed to reducing these conditions.

Get the authentic version. Turmeric is a plant. It is real food; turmeric is not a drug. It is meant to be eaten as food, with food. We recommend a number of ways to add turmeric to your daily routine including simple recipes and convenient, high-quality turmeric products.

Our Mission

Turmeric Life is dedicated to providing high-potency curcumin turmeric products and delivering timely turmeric research to our visitors. Join us on this practical journey to embrace the potential of turmeric and its active ingredient, curcumin. Turmeric Life isn't just about the spice; it's a way of life.

For more information, please contact support@turmericlife.com.au or phone +61 488 158 882.

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