As an experienced Australian veterinarian with extensive research-based knowledge on turmeric, Dr Doug has formulated an evidence-based range of cosmeceuticals and nutraceuticals. His range of complementary medicines serve to improve a range of conditions with a focus on providing anti-inflammatory relief.

Dr Doug developed his key anti-inflammatory formulation, Golden Paste, by adapting traditional recipes to modern cooking practices and materials. In September 2012, he founded the Original Turmeric User Group  (OTUG) on Facebook to gather anecdotal evidence from turmeric users and build a community of health-conscious people.

After a decade of providing his Golden Paste to a growing local customer base, Dr Doug recognised the lack of whole food, complementary medicine available. Customers report they were able to manage and reduce the pathology of many inflammation-based conditions. 

As the Facebook group grew rapidly from a handful of clients to now over 270,000 followers, we developed our website to help manage demand. So, our Turmeric Life website was created. We are also active on Facebook and Instagram.

Many of the articles on this website are from Doug and the O.T.U.G admin team. Our articles are authored by Dr Doug and the OTUG team and are informed by research-based evidence and qualitative reports of how people and their pets have responded to Golden Paste products. 

Turmeric Life provides a one-stop portal for all things turmeric. We have recently upgraded and informative articles and blog posts are added regularly. Anecdotal stories and photos will be featured, and Dr Doug and his team will continue to answer questions, and provide updates on the latest research.

In most cases, we advise against the use of

turmeric and/or curcumin capsules, pills, supplements, tonics, drinks, etc. There is a place for curcumin supplements in very few, limited situations. Turmeric capsules may be a source of turmeric when the more effective Golden Paste isn't feasible but a lot of these products are a waste of money, with extravagant claims and little to no scientific justification. Many are poorly absorbed, and some contain honey or other sweeteners that add nothing to the benefits and may provoke inflammation, illness and pain.

Whilst turmeric and curcumin capsules, tonics, and drinks can provide value at times, they often lack the non-active ingredients required to facilitate effective absorption of curcumin. Research demonstrates that curcumin is most bioavailable when paired with a healthy fat, and piperine, which is incorporated into all of our nutraceuticals. Unlike alternative turmeric supplements, our products are free from additives, and honey or other sweeteners as they provide no nutritional benefit and often provoke inflammation and pain, as opposed to reduce it.


Turmeric is a plant. It is a real food intended to be consumed as such. Turmeric Life products aim to facilitate the absorption of curcumin in turmeric without unnecessary processing.

We recommend making the Golden Paste at home yourself. Quick, cheap, easy, and it actually works.

Turmeric Life also hopes to create the opportunity to grow and produce the world's best turmeric (and more) on the Gold Coast of Australia, to fund much-needed research that others are not interested in, and to continue to provide our services as freely as possible. You can help support us by trying our new Turmeric Life Power bars for a real turmeric treat that works great!

For more information, please contact or phone +61 488 158 882.