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turmeric for inflammation in dogs - dog recovers from broken pelvis with turmeric dog bites by Dr Doug - dog walking in 3 weeks

Lucky's Recovery From A Fractured Pelvis With Turmeric Dog Bites For Inflammation

Lucky's Recovery From A Fractured Pelvis With Turmeric Dog Bites For Inflammation

🥺❤️ Hit by a truck, Lucky's fractured pelvis left him unable to walk and requiring Surgery.

Dr Doug advised Lucky's new owner Shauna to feed him Turmeric Dog Bites twice a day to help the healing process through reduction of inflammation. With turmeric and Veterinarian support, Lucky was walking again after only 3 WEEKS! Surgery wasn't necessary.



Turmeric Dog Bites by Veterinarian Dr Doug English are all natural and perfect for pets with skin conditions, mobility issues, injuries, recovering from surgery, or simply in need of a dietary boost. Click here for a full list of benefits, customer reviews, ingredients & more.

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Lucky's Full Story: From Fractured Pelvis To Recovery

Shauna loves animals, and as a vet nurse, she sees all sorts of animals come and go through the doors of the veterinary practice where she works. But one day, a little puppy was brought in, and Shauna's heart broke when she saw the condition the puppy was in.

The puppy had a hip fracture, and the owner had brought him in to be euthanised because he didn't couldn't afford the surgery that would fix his leg. Shauna knew that she had to do something for him.

Without a second thought, Shauna made the decision to take care of the puppy. She named the puppy Lucky and spent hours each day nursing him back to health. She kept Lucky at the vet, and the vets Dr Doug and Dr Karl were always there being supportive and spent countless nights helping Lucky to get better and Shauna was confident that Lucky would get better and could walk again.

Dr Doug asked for an X-Ray and the fracture was diagnosed as a ilium closed fracture (right leg) that means that the bone is broken, but the skin is intact. He decided that surgery wasn’t necessary. Dr Doug knew Lucky’s body was able to produce new bone tissue faster than adult dogs, which allows for quicker healing of fractures. Additionally, puppies have a higher metabolic rate, which means that their bodies can repair damaged tissues more efficiently.

Dr Doug decided to put Lucky on the Turmeric Dog Bites, because he knew in puppies, bone fractures can heal quickly due to their young age and developing bones, but Turmeric has anti-inflammatory properties that can help reduce inflammation and pain in the body (Inflammation is a natural response to injury but can also hinder the healing process if it becomes chronic). Turmeric has been shown to have a positive effect on bone health and may even help accelerate the healing of fractures. However, it is important to note that turmeric should not be used as the sole treatment for a bone fracture, and veterinary care is essential for proper diagnosis and treatment.

As the days turned into weeks, Lucky slowly but surely began to improve. His leg healed, and he started to run and play like any other puppy. Shauna knew that she had made the right decision in saving Lucky's life, and she couldn't imagine her life without the little ball of fur by her side.

 lucky - dog saved from euthanasia with turmeric dog bites for recovery from broken pelvis

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