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Want to know where to find quality turmeric powder?

Dr Doug English talking turmeric with Peter Fleming at Currumbin Valley Harvest


We now stock our own High-Potency 7% Turmeric Powder that is all natural 100% turmeric with no additives. 

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If you're wanting to shop around, quality turmeric powder is most likely available at your local health food store or Asian supermarket, or alternatively, it can be sourced online. One-hundred percent pure turmeric of the Curcuma longa variety is ideal. In South Africa, 'therapeutic' grade turmeric, which is guaranteed not to have any fillers, is preferred. In other countries, only one grade exists, which is suitable for everyone.

Over time, we have discovered through our own research and the hundreds of thousands of reviews in the Turmeric User Group, that these are our most trusted alternative suppliers. Our suppliers are selected based on their ability to maintain the highest standards and utmost quality. Suppliers include: