turmeric snack bites - similar to turmeric energy balls but in squares for people ideal for Athletic performance and muscle repair  Inflammation  Vitality and Fertility  Healthy Liver and Gut Function
30 Day Turmeric
Bite Challenge

A bite a day keeps the doctor away

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The Turmeric Life Bars and “Bites” range features Dr Doug's Golden Paste recipe transformed into a variety of shelf-stable, transportable, and convenient nutraceuticals. Each product is crafted to be nutritionally bioavailable (using 95% Curcuminoids) and easily absorbable by your body. Turmeric Life takes a natural, whole-food approach to nutritional supplements to provide you and your family with simple yet effective nutritional support.
Globally, billions are waste buying supplements and health foods that have limited-availability.
*All products for humans are Vegan.